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Thank you for visiting! Our company specializes in supply of laboratory, testing, technological and educational equipment of leading world manufacturers for the industrial laboratories and Universities on the territory of Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. We are proud to be an authorized partner of such companies as:

American Isostatic Presses

Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP), Warm Isostatic Presses (WIP), Cold Isostatic Presses (CIP), Thermocouples, Toll HIP



Universal Materials Testing Machines, Motorized Test Stands


Carver и Wabash MPI

Hydraulic Presses, Electrical and Pneumatic Presses, ASTM Presses, Proppant Crush Test


Centorr Vacuum Industries

Production Vacuum Furnaces, Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces, Controlled Atmosphere, Debind and Sintering Processes Vacuum Furnaces, Hot Press Systems


G.U.N.T. Gerätebau GmbH

Equipment for Engineering Education


Lambda-Messtechnik GmbH

Thermal Conductivity Test Tools



Leak Test Equipment


Kelvin International Corp.

Liquid Nitrogen Generators, LN2 Storage and Transfer Lines, LN2 Level Sensors


ETG Ilmenau

Testing Apparatus for Determination of Airflow Resistance


NOVA FRIGO Engineering S.R.L.

Air and Water Condensed Chillers, Temperature Controllers, Convector Heaters



Packaging Analyzers for Oxygen Permeation and Water Vapor Permeation


Novasina AG

Water activity meters


The equipment supplied by our company has the all necessary certificates to meet Russian and international requirements for quality and safety.

Our customers are Universities, enterprises of chemical, energy, food, metallurgical, mining, oil and gas, automobile industries.

We supply our customers the high-quality equipment, but also provide information and technical support, training of customer’s specialists, warranty and after-sales service. Our engineers constantly raise a skill level on various trainings and courses carried by our foreign partners.

Our mission

Our number one priority and the key to success is a unique approach to business which differs us positively from our competitors. Our mission is creating long-term relationships with equipment manufacturers and customers. Having a twenty-year experience and being highly professional we are a reliable company in the area of equipment supply. The basis of our work is the desire to achieve a complete understanding of the target and our interest in the further development of our partner companies. Our employees’ experience, their educational and professional level as well as creativity and personal qualities of each member of our team let Torr Equipment Supply offer our service for our mutually beneficial cooperation.

Evangelista Torricelli's mercury barometer

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